Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fresh Paint for the Porch

A fresh coat of white paint on the front of the farmhouse feels like putting on a crisp white shirt.  Painting only one section at a time, but the front is much more pleasing to see as we come down the driveway.

Painted the door and window in a chocolate brown-black.

The settee and chair got a good scrubbing.  Placed a few of my farmhouse antiques around, an old apple ladder and washboards.

Bob put up my old rusty cow bell next to the door.

Hung my wooden possum from the rafters.  Every farmhouse should have a possum!
Splurged on a crepe myrtle named "Black Diamond" which will be planted in front of the farmhouse along with pink roses. 

No water yet, so will continue to do things outside weather permitting.  Hoping I can get Bob up on the roof to place the weathervane.