Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Vintage Trellis

A trip to the recycling center has yet again paid off in a new find. 

Though a bit rusty in spots, I think it adds to the character, and with a little cleaning will be the perfect trellis for the Eden rose at the tiny farmhouse.

I was surprised to see that the trellis matched the hummingbird feeder hanger.

A pumpkin for fall.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Ready for Guests!

THE BEDROOM, clean and comfy! Shades hung, bed made, windows open!

Above the bed is a Georgia O'Keefe print. Yes, she did a series of barns!  And she also was a chow owner/lover!!

Love these vintage Bob Timberlake cabin sheets!

THE BATHROOM:  Plumbing working as of today!! Hot water, no drips, everything sparkling, curtain hung and ready!

A great place to use some of my old iron.  This is a dinner bell hung in the toilet area.

Iron hook works as a tie-back for the curtain . . . 

. . . and also as a toilet paper holder!

Framed vintage collars and hairpin.

Love this sink, and it is in perfect condition with the vintage knobs.

First Eden rose has bloomed in anticipation of company!

Monday, April 18, 2016

More Sprucing Up for Company!

The plumber comes back tomorrow to replace a hot water pipe, then the real cleaning can begin.  In the meantime, I have been washing rugs and things that I can take up to the house to be cleaned. 

I've had this old blue folksy mantle for quite some time and never had a place to hang it.  My original plans were to have the bedroom in cream and rose with a lot of floral linens, but the blue is sort of taking over, but it does look nice with all the dark wood. 

It also gave me a place to put some tiny paintings that were stashed away and not being seen. 

The roses in the garden by the farmhouse are starting to bloom -

- as are the bridal spirea by the front gate.  These have just been snippets of things going on, but the big reveal is yet to come!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Antique Lights are Up!

No longer just a light bulb in the living room, my antique fixture is now up and really makes a difference in this room

The plastic light that was in the bedroom now has a vintage shade that looks like needlepoint flowers, found for only $2 at the Hospice store.

One day I will take down a portion of these ceiling tiles to see what lies beneath, hopefully old shiplap or beadboard.  What I would really love is to vault it and put in a ceiling fan.  This farmhouse could fast become a money pit (haha)!

In the bathroom a $7 base light from Home Depot replaced the strip of big light bulbs and I added an antique globe with vines and leaves, another purchase of $1, making this the cheapest light fixture ever, a mere $8! This weekend I hope to have help and get the metal mirror up.

I have had this hand painted shade for decades and hope to use this in the bathroom once the mirror is up, depending how low it hangs.  If not, I will definitely find a place for it.

Not a light fixture, but an old blue painted shelf a friend gave me before I left Georgia.  It took some work getting it together and up on the wall above the basin in the kitchen.  It now houses my chicken collection given to me by my mom.  The bottom shelf holds an old baby chick feeder.

A hummingbird was at the feeder outside of my kitchen window at the main house which I always keep full for those passing through, and that may have been the case with the one I saw this week, he was only here one day, but I erected feeders all over and one at the farmhouse hoping to lure as many as I can.  Spring is here!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pretty in Pink

The kitchen is now painted "French Cream" and the plumbers are there as I write this fixing all the leaks and putting on new faucets.

Bob put up the goose weathervane this weekend.

Pretty green moss covers one side of the farmhouse roof and the red buds are beginning to bloom!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Renovation Woes

Well, guess who showed up after four months!  The water pipe is now replaced, so now the farmhouse can get the cleaning it so desperately has needed. 

Even though I am so happy to finally have running water in the farmhouse, why is it when a contractor comes to do one job, you end up needing three other tradesman to clean up the mess?  We still need a french drain that was going to be done by this plumber, but I doubt we'll see him for another four months, so now we will start making calls to find someone to do that.  We now need someone to come and cut the logs left behind into firewood.  

Just a big mess of brush, cut bushes, trees and bamboo that now needs to be cleaned up.  A nice mud patch for the dogs to get into.   I hate that the path went through a section of old Rose of Sharon.  I have lots of baby Red Bud trees that I hope I can dig and transplant before it gets too hot.  The electrician that came a couple of weeks ago to see all that needed to be done was to come last Friday and haven't heard a peep from him, so now to find another electrician.  As I said, renovation woes.  

I wish we could do everything ourselves, that way it would get done.  We got our tree from the boathouse in the hole from the downed tree.  

Baby steps for sure, but in the next month we will be getting a lot accomplished now that we have water!