Thursday, March 10, 2016

Renovation Woes

Well, guess who showed up after four months!  The water pipe is now replaced, so now the farmhouse can get the cleaning it so desperately has needed. 

Even though I am so happy to finally have running water in the farmhouse, why is it when a contractor comes to do one job, you end up needing three other tradesman to clean up the mess?  We still need a french drain that was going to be done by this plumber, but I doubt we'll see him for another four months, so now we will start making calls to find someone to do that.  We now need someone to come and cut the logs left behind into firewood.  

Just a big mess of brush, cut bushes, trees and bamboo that now needs to be cleaned up.  A nice mud patch for the dogs to get into.   I hate that the path went through a section of old Rose of Sharon.  I have lots of baby Red Bud trees that I hope I can dig and transplant before it gets too hot.  The electrician that came a couple of weeks ago to see all that needed to be done was to come last Friday and haven't heard a peep from him, so now to find another electrician.  As I said, renovation woes.  

I wish we could do everything ourselves, that way it would get done.  We got our tree from the boathouse in the hole from the downed tree.  

Baby steps for sure, but in the next month we will be getting a lot accomplished now that we have water!

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